MCRJ Special Issues Volume 13, No.2, 2021

Welcome to the Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) special issue for the Engineering Technology International Conference 2020 (ETIC 2020). We want to express our sincere gratitude to our contributing authors, reviewers, organizers and readers.

This Special Issues of MCRJ for the ETIC2020 contains twenty (20) interesting papers covering the theme of ‘Spurring High Technology Development for Sustainable Future’ consist of eight tracks: Transportation, Energy, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Manufacturing & Process Technology, Civil, Building, Infrastructure & Environmental Management, Chemical, Biotechnology & Sustainable Materials, Pharmaceuticals and OSHA. It is hoped that the readers would greatly benefit from the scientific content and quality of papers published in this issue:
Format :
Hardback / 266 pages
eISSN Number :
2590 - 4140
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