MCRJ Special Issue Volume 16, No. 2, 2022

Welcome to this special issue in Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) for the 3rd Virtual Go-Green Conferences and Publication (v-Go Green 2020). This unprecedented virtual conference was organised by the Research, Industrial Linkage Community and Alumni Network Office (PJIM&A) and co-organisers Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU) & Centre for Post Graduate Studies (CGS), Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak Branch, Seri Iskandar. The purpose of organizing this conference is to achieve the empowerment of research-based papers on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as well as promoting national level publications towards international level. It has also been the intention of this conference to encourage conferential research projects into producing high quality publications.

This virtual conference also has the envision of bridging knowledge and research aspects of green-oriented construction, built environment, design, architecture, ecology, environmental sustainability, and social parameters. The theme of the conference which is “Sustainable Environment, Resilience and Social Well-Being” is seen to coincide with the Malaysian government green initiatives towards achieving sustainable development in built environment and construction industry. Green initiatives are highlighted in the Construction Industry Transformation Program (CITP) 2016-2020 and extended in the National Constuction Policy (NCP) 2030. As Malaysia moves from developing country towards a developed nation, construction industry need to respond the changes in construction demand. Hence, the theme of this seminar creates awareness towards the goal of sustainable construction in reducing the industry’s impact on the environment and inclusiveness on the economics, social and environment.

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2590 - 4140
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