NoName of Certificate HolderCertification No.Product NameValid UntilStatus
1SPC Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-17001Ready-Mixed Concrete17-May-23Certified
2Dura International Sdn BhdCCS PC 1406-17002Galvanised Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding17-May-23Certified
3SPC Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-17004Ready-Mixed Concrete17-May-23Certified
4PERI Formwork Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-17007Galvanised Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding6-Jul-23Certified
5Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-17011Ready-Mixed Concrete30-Jul-21Certified
6Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1403-17012Ready-Mixed Concrete30-Jul-21Certified
7Dura International Sdn BhdCCS PC 1406-17013Steel Coupler for Tubular Scaffold8-Aug-21Certified
8BW Yee Seng Steel Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-17014Steel Coupler for Tubular Scaffold7-Aug-21Certified
9Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1402-17015Ready-Mixed Concrete9-Oct-21Certified
10PERI Formwork Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-17016Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding15-Oct-21Certified
11Leform Sdn. Bhd.CCS PC 1004-18002Carbon Steel Tube for Steel Frame Scaffolding7-Feb-22Certified
12Suntiga Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18003Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Feb-22Certified
13Dahtec Marketing Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18004Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding18-Jul-22Certified
14BW Yee Seng Steel Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-18005Galvanised Steel Tube For Tubular Scaffolding22-Feb-22Certified
15Nanjing Wellmade Metalwork Co., LtdCCS PC 09-18006Galvanised Steel Tube For Tubular Scaffolding19-Mar-22Certified
16Nanjing Wellmade Metalwork Co., LtdCCS PC 09-18007Steel Coupler for Tubular Scaffold19-Mar-22Certified
17Nanjing Wellmade Metalwork Co., LtdCCS PC 09-18008Metal Deck for Tubular Scaffolds (Without Hook)19-Mar-22Certified
18Setia Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18011Ready-Mixed Concrete15-May-22Certified
19Setia Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1406-18012Ready-Mixed Concrete15-May-22Certified
20Setia Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-18013Ready-Mixed Concrete16-May-22Certified
21Kyodo Scaffolding Sdn BhdCCS PC 0201-18014Component for Frame Scaffolding Member10-Jun-22Certified
22Everlast Access Technologies Sdn BhdCCS PC 1007-18016Aluminium Modular Scaffolding System10-Jun-22Certified
23VPN (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1007-18017Metal Deck for Tubular Scaffolds (Without Hook)12-Jul-22Certified
24Lee Chuan Guan Steel Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-18018Prefabricated Steel Frame Scaffolding2-Jul-22Certified
25Paramount Steel Sdn. BhdCCS PC 0101-18019Prefabricated Steel Frame Scaffolding2-Jul-22Certified
26Setia Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18022Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Jul-22Certified
27Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-18023Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
28LY Concrete Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 0106-18025Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Oct-22Certified
29Suntiga Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18028Ready-Mixed Concrete24-Oct-22Certified
30Suntiga Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-18029Ready-Mixed Concrete24-Oct-22Certified
31Duckshin Housing Co., Ltd.CCS PC 09-18030Cold Worked Steel Wire for Reinforcement of Concrete Products7-Nov-22Certified
32Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1402-18031Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Dec-22Certified
33MKRS Bumi (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-18032Galvanised Steel Tube For Tubular Scaffolding18-Dec-22Certified
34MKRS Bumi (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-19001Steel Coupler for Tubular Scaffold9-Jan-23Certified
35MKRS Bumi (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-19002Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding9-Jan-23Certified
36Japmas Steel Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-19003Cold Worked Ribbed Weldable Reinforcing Steel7-May-23Certified
37Japmas Steel Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-19004Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of Concrete7-May-23Certified
38Halfen Moment Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19006Reinforcement Couplers for Mechanical Splices of Bars12-Feb-23Certified
39Mapel Harmony Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19007Metal Deck for Tubular Scaffolds (Without Hook)12-Feb-23Certified
40Sany PC Manufacturing Sdn BhdCCS PC 1104-19009Ready-Mixed Concrete19-Mar-23Certified
41Golden Star Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0701-19011Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Apr-23Certified
42Golden Star Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0704-19012Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Apr-23Certified
43Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1401-19014Ready-Mixed Concrete5-May-23Certified
44Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19015Ready-Mixed Concrete30-May-21Certified
45Magna Fusion Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19016Carbon Steel Tube for General Structure13-Jun-21Certified
46Magna Fusion Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19017Galvanised Steel Tube For Tubular Scaffolding13-Jun-21Certified
47Unipati Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1406-19019Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Jun-21Certified
48Unipati Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1406-19020Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Jun-21Certified
49HRSB Holdings Sdn BhdCCS PC 0401-19021Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding11-Jul-23Certified
50HRSB Holdings Sdn BhdCCS PC 0401-19022Metal Deck for Tubular Scaffolds (Without Hook)11-Jul-23Certified
51C.I. Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1601-19023Ready-Mixed Concrete4-Aug-23Certified
52LY Concrete Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 0106-19024Ready-Mixed Concrete4-Aug-21Certified
53LY Concrete Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 0106-19025Ready-Mixed Concrete4-Aug-21Certified
54Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19026Ready-Mixed Concrete25-Aug-23Certified
55Golden Star Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-19028Ready-Mixed Concrete25-Aug-21Certified
56Excel Ready-Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19029Ready-Mixed Concrete28-Aug-21Certified
57Cemix Concrete (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19030Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Sep-23Certified
58UGI Steel Wire Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 1308-19031Cold Worked Ribbed Weldable Reinforcing Steel16-Sep-23Certified
59UGI Steel Wire Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 1308-19032Welded Steel Fabric for The Reinforcement of Concrete16-Sep-23Certified
60Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1003-19033Ready-Mixed Concrete16-Sep-23Certified
61Aerial Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0506-19034Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Oct-21Certified
62K-FLEX Malaysia Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1003-19035Reflective Insulation16-Oct-21Certified
63Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19036Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Nov-21Certified
64MGB SANY (M) IBS Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-19037Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Nov-21Certified
65Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0702-19038Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Nov-21Certified
66Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0701-19039Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Nov-21Certified
67Kyodo Scaffolding Sdn BhdCCS PC 0201-19040Prefabricated Steel Frame Scaffolding Member17-Nov-21Certified
68Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-19041Ready-Mixed Concrete17-Nov-21Certified
69MB Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0203-19042Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Dec-21Certified
70MB Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0102-19043Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Dec-21Certified
71Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0506-19044Ready-Mixed Concrete10-Dec-21Certified
72Tasek Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0506-19045Ready-Mixed Concrete10-Dec-21Certified
73Kimtaiti Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0102-19047Steel Fabric for The Reinforcement of Concrete29-Dec-21Certified
74Kimtaiti Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0102-19048Cold Worked Ribbed Weldable Reinforcing Steel29-Dec-21Certified
75Excel Pro Ready-Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1003-19049Ready-Mixed Concrete29-Dec-21Certified
76Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-19050Ready-Mixed Concrete29-Dec-21Certified
77E-H Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0705-20001Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Jan-22Certified
78Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1003-20002Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Jan-22Certified
79Pahang Cement Sdn BhdCCS PC 0605-20003Portland Limestone Cement12-Jan-22Certified
80Global Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0801-20004Ready-Mixed Concrete20-Jan-22Certified
81Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-20005Ready-Mixed Concrete28-Jan-22Certified
82Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1413-20006Ready-Mixed Concrete28-Jan-22Certified
83Excel Ready-Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20007Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Feb-22Certified
84Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20008Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Feb-22Certified
85SR Precast Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0103-20009Ready-Mixed Concrete20-Feb-22Certified
86LV Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0802-20010Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Mar-22Certified
87All Lifts Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1003-20011Stranded Carbon Steel Wire Ropes for Lift3-Mar-22Certified
88ISM Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1403-20013Ready-Mixed Concrete16-Mar-22Certified
89Metric Concrete Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0801-20014Ready-Mixed Concrete20-Apr-22Certified
90Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-20015Ready-Mixed Concrete18-May-22Certified
91Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1006-20016Ready-Mixed Concrete18-May-22Certified
92Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0402-20017Ready-Mixed Concrete18-May-22Certified
93Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0403-20018Ready-Mixed Concrete18-May-22Certified
94LV Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0811-20019Ready-Mixed Concrete18-May-22Certified
95C.I. Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1410-20020 Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-22Certified
96LY Concrete Products Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20021Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Jun-22Certified
97Top Mix Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0101-20022Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Jun-22Certified
98Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1409-20023Ready-Mixed Concrete2-Jul-22Certified
99Durable Holdings Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20025Ready-Mixed Concrete9-Jul-22Certified
100Durable Holdings Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20026Ready-Mixed Concrete9-Jul-22Certified
101Durable Holdings Sdn BhdCCS PC 0104-20027Ready-Mixed Concrete9-Jul-22Certified
102Leppo Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1206-20028Ready-Mixed Concrete11-Jul-22Certified
103BP Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-20029Ready-Mixed Concrete13-Jul-22Certified
104Megamix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1402-20031Ready-Mixed Concrete13-Aug-22Certified
105Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1006-20032Ready-Mixed Concrete13-Aug-22Certified
106Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1401-20033Ready-Mixed Concrete27-Aug-22Certified
107Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0202-20034Ready-Mixed Concrete27-Aug-22Certified
108Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0705-20035Ready-Mixed Concrete27-Aug-22Certified
109Evermix Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-20036Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Sep-22Certified
110Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1102-20037Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Sep-22Certified
111Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0605-20038Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Sep-22Certified
112Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1006-20039Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Sep-22Certified
113Buildcon Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-20040Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Sep-22Certified
114Durable Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0402-20041Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
115Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20042Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
116Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-20043Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
117Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1003-20044Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
118Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0101-20045Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Sep-22Certified
119Excel Ready-Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-20046 Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Oct-22Certified
120Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-20047Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Oct-22Certified
121Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1003-20048Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Oct-22Certified
122Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1407-20049Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Oct-22Certified
123Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0402-20050Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Oct-22Certified
124Durable Mix Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 0105-20051Ready-Mixed Concrete6-Oct-22Certified
125Buildcon Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0101-20052Ready-Mixed Concrete19-Oct-22Certified
126Sedco Precast Sdn BhdCCS PC 1226-20053Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Oct-22Certified
127Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1004-20054Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
128Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1007-20055Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
129Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1006-20056Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
130MGB Sany (M) IBS Sdn BhdCCS PC 1007-20057Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
131Value Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0802-20058Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
132Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-20059Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
133Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1403-20060Ready-Mixed Concrete5-Nov-22Certified
134ISM Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-20061Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Nov-22Certified
135Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-20062Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Nov-22Certified
136K.T.I Sdn BhdCCS PC 1206-20063Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Nov-22Certified
137AT-PAC Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1409-20064Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding17-Nov-22Certified
138MB Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0704-20065Ready-Mixed Concrete17-Nov-22Certified
139JBF Readymix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0504-20066Ready-Mixed Concrete19-Nov-22Certified
140Raub Ready Mixed Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0609-20067Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Nov-22Certified
141MB Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0701-20068Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Nov-22Certified
142Tekun Concrete (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1106-20069Ready-Mixed Concrete10-Dec-22Certified
143Evermix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1412-20070Ready-Mixed Concrete10-Dec-22Certified
144LY Concrete Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0104-20071Ready-Mixed Concrete20-Dec-22Certified
145Titanium Mix Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1007-21001Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Jan-23Certified
146Gsmix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0604-21002Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Jan-23Certified
147Setiamix Sdn BhdCCS PC 1002-21003Ready-Mixed Concrete7-Jan-23Certified
148Raub Ready Mixed Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0601-21004Ready-Mixed Concrete14-Jan-23Certified
149Perfect Readymix (Selangor) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1007-21005Ready-Mixed Concrete21-Jan-23Certified
150Buildcon Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0103-21006Ready-Mixed Concrete21-Jan-23Certified
151Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1002-21007Ready-Mixed Concrete21-Jan-23Certified
152Cemix Concrete (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1403-21008Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Feb-23Certified
153Suntiga Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-21009Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Feb-23Certified
154Buildcon-Cimaco Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-21010Ready-Mixed Concrete25-Feb-23Certified
155Buildcon-Cimaco Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0704-21011Ready-Mixed Concrete25-Feb-23Certified
156Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0702-21012Ready-Mixed Concrete11-Mar-23Certified
157Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0703-21013Ready-Mixed Concrete11-Mar-23Certified
158Durable Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0402-21014Ready-Mixed Concrete18-Mar-23Certified
159Kamunting Premix Plant Sdn BhdCCS PC 0802-21015Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Apr-23Certified
160Doka Formwork Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-21016Prefabricated Steel Modular System Scaffolding15-Apr-23Certified
161Cemix Concrete (M) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1403-21017Ready-Mixed Concrete15-Apr-23Certified
162Yan Concrete-Mix Products Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1105-21018Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Apr-23Certified
163LCS Marketing Sdn BhdCCS PC 0611-21019Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Apr-23Certified
164Jin San Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1312-21020Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Apr-23Certified
165Jin San Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1312-21021Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Apr-23Certified
166Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0703-21022Ready-Mixed Concrete2-May-23Certified
167Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0705-21023Ready-Mixed Concrete2-May-23Certified
168Unique Mix (Penang) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0704-21024Ready-Mixed Concrete2-May-23Certified
169Unipati Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0506-21025Ready-Mixed Concrete6-May-23Certified
170Hermes Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0611-21026Ready-Mixed Concrete20-May-23Certified
171Hermes Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0602-21027Ready-Mixed Concrete20-May-23Certified
172Masuka Bina Sdn BhdCCS PC 0705-21028Ready-Mixed Concrete20-May-23Certified
173Konkrit Ekspres Sdn BhdCCS PC 0402-21029Ready-Mixed Concrete20-May-23Certified
174Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-21030Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
175Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn BhdCCS PC 0101-21031Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
176Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1404-21032Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
177Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1410-21033Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
178Golden Star Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0203-21034Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
179Lafarge Concrete (Malaysia) Sdn BhdCCS PC 0605-21035Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
180Tasek Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1402-21036Ready-Mixed Concrete3-Jun-23Certified
181Unipati Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0506-21037Ready-Mixed Concrete10-Jun-23Certified
182Semantan Jaya Mix Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0607-21038Ready-Mixed Concrete17-Jun-23Certified
183Tumpuan Ikhlas Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0604-21039 Ready-Mixed Concrete24-Jun-23Certified
184Chin Hin Concrete (KL) Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-21040Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Jul-23Certified
185Bluebros Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0601-21041Ready-Mixed Concrete1-Jul-23Certified
186Sabaconcrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1206-21042Ready-Mixed Concrete8-Jul-23Certified
187Chin Hin Concrete (KL) Sdn BhdCCS PC 1006-21043Ready-Mixed Concrete8-Jul-23Certified
188Antara Kitaran Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0809-21044Ready-Mixed Concrete15-Jul-23Certified
189PBJ Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1222-21045Ready-Mixed Concrete22-Jul-23Certified
190Unique Steel & Hardware Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-21046 Prefabricated Steel Modular Scaffolding System29-Jul-23Certified
191Golden Star Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 0705-21047Ready-Mixed Concrete29-Jul-23Certified
192Semantan Jaya Mix Sdn BhdCCS PC 0611-21048Ready-Mixed Concrete29-Jul-23Certified
193Kipal Industries Sdn BhdCCS PC 1303-21049Ready-Mixed Concrete29-Jul-23Certified
194Binastra Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-21050Ready-Mixed Concrete12-Aug-23Certified
195Extrobright Concrete Sdn BhdCCS PC 1001-21051 Ready-Mixed Concrete19-Aug-23Certified
196Hi-Grade Ready-Mixed Concrete Sdn Bhd CCS PC 0103-21052Ready-Mixed Concrete26-Aug-23Certified
197Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-21053Ready-Mixed Concrete2-Sep-23Certified
198Hanson Building Materials Malaysia Sdn Bhd CCS PC 1001-21054Ready-Mixed Concrete2-Sep-23Certified