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Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) was incorporated on the 26th March, 2004 as a company limited by guarantee without having a share capital under the companies Act 1965 on the initiative of CIDB in order to function as a corporate vehicle for carrying out CIDB’s research function so as to enable CIDB to concentrate on the performance of its core function.

The role and function of CREAM is in line with the Strategic Thrust 5 (ST 5) as stipulated in Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP 2016-2020): Innovate through research and development (R&D) and adopt new construction methods.

Relationship between academia and industry should need to be strengthened because such relationship will allow both the academician and the industry to capitalise on the strength of the other whilst helping to alleviate weaknesses in their research endeavour.
- Prof. Ir. Dr. Zuhairi Abd. Hamid, FASc
Chief Executive Officer of Construction Research Institute of Malaysia

Towards realising the establishment of CREAM, the Board of Trustees of CREAM has assumed the responsibility over all matters relating to the planning, implementation and management of the R&D Projects and related activities. CREAM started to operate fully under a company limited by guarantee status effectively on 1st January, 2006.


The nation will recognise CREAM as the leading institute for Research and Development (R&D) in the Malaysian construction industry.


To serve the strategic research needs of the Malaysian construction industry. CREAM is committed to working with all industry’s stakeholders and researchers to explore and encourage the development of a knowledge-based industry responsive to changing demand.


  • To undertake and finance research activities to align with the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP 2016-2020),
  • To provide services and facilities at Makmal Kerja Raya Malaysia (MKRM) on heavy structural testing that focus on structural and IBS components,
  • To establish R&D collaborations with local and international construction industry stakeholders,
  • To establish R&D collaborations with local and international construction industry stakeholders, universities and research institutes,
  • To obtain funds and offer venture capital for R&D purposes and
  • To disseminate latest technology and CREAM R&D products to the construction industry players through promotion, patent and commercialization


The Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) is a research and development (R & D) institution for the construction industry in Malaysia. We are committed to ensuring that R & D programs meet the needs and requirements of the national construction industry by implementing quality management systems that meet MS ISO 9001. CREAM will implement continuous improvements to improve the effectiveness of the MS ISO 9001 system.

Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) adalah sebuah institusi penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) bagi industri pembinaan di Malaysia. Kami beriltizam untuk memastikan program R&D memenuhi kehendak dan keperluan industri pembinaan negara dengan melaksana sistem pengurusan kualiti yang memenuhi MS ISO 9001. CREAM akan melaksanakan penambahbaikan yang berterusan bagi meningkatkan keberkesanan sistem MS ISO 9001.

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